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22-04-15, 13:56
Hi my name is Nick,, I've just registered and was wandering if anyone knows the best place to buy parks for a Mk 3 Supra? I have owned the car for 15 years however the car has been off the road for 8 years and now need just about everything to get it on the road again. full service parts all brake parts callipers discs and pads, fuel lines and filters brake lines ETC I would also look to replace the full suspension due to now wallowing like a drunk pig?? The car is in for a full respray in its original colour white. I'm also needing a full carpet set for the car if anyone knows where I can get that from great??? the biggest issue is all the body trims around the car?? they are not great and in need of replacement?? any ideas?? One issue I do have is since storing the car when I connect the battery the side lights stay in permanently?? I'm guessing either the stalk on the column or a relay somewhere?? Q Has anyone had this issue and what was the fix without getting am Auto technician involved?? also is there a manual available for this car?? if so where?? Sorry for such a barrage of requests but hope some of you my help,,,

Many thanks Nick

22-04-15, 13:59
I have a spare cylinder head from an old mkiii which is great condition but thats as far as my "bits for a mkiii" go sorry mate, have you tried the mkiii forum?