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27-03-11, 22:32
Hello every body,

I have a supra with T70 single turbo.
I installed recently TH400 , nice transmission but my top speed is very low (210km/h)
due to my rear end from automatic transmission (gear ratio 3,769:1)
I'm searching rear end from 6speed supra (gear ratio 3,1 or 3,2)
I hope win a little bit more top speed with this configuration (less consumption)

If somebody can help me to find or just say where does it find , please ask to me
by private message or by this post.

Many thanks guys ;)

Good evening

28-03-11, 06:10
That's not right, the auto setup is good for 180+ !! I think there is something else limiting you top speed, could be your fulling or any number of things from your single build. Do you have a FCD ?

28-03-11, 09:04
Bienvenue toi sur le forum, une vraie mine de renseignements ici :)

28-03-11, 10:58
In fact my TH400 in 3rd gear the ratio is 1:1 , the final gear with overdrive on in automatic transmission is 0.72:1
So with genuine transmission you can have very good top speed....
However, with TH400 the top speed is low (1:1)
I have 2 possibility for win a little bit more speed:
-Buy additional overdrive in gearvendors.com
-Change my rear end by 6 speed rear end...

So if some people have this rear end (3.1 or 3.2 gear ratio) from 6 speed with axle shaft, please say to me , it's very important & urgent....