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26-07-09, 19:25
Hello Chaps and hopefully Ladies,

Having just purchased my first Supra non turbo Aero-Top and proud i did promise the missis something that is causing me a few problems.

When she viewed Supras she noticed that the cockpit interior was designed and sloped around the driver. To keep her happy i said i would involve her more by getting her an in car dvd system to fiddle with. However all pop up systems if placed where stereo is situated would be very difficult for her to see as still aimed towards me.

Any suggestions



Al Massey
26-07-09, 19:37
Get another screen.

I did

The pop up from the stereo faces me and i installed another one facing her

Shes happy

31-07-09, 20:51
Buy her one of the following:
1. Ninetndo ds
2. New shoes
3. Cosmo magazine
4. Large interior vanity mirror for makeup application

Hope one or all of these help :-)