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30-03-09, 03:01
Hey, I'd taught I'd join the site as I'm hopefully getting myself a black 94 N/A 3.0 supra tomorrow and I've heard alot about this site from skylineowners.com as I'm a member on there. I'm 21, from Ireland, have had 16 cars, currently drive a 95 R33 GTR and a yaris:eyebrows: I'm taking part in the modball this summer so I look forward to meeting anyone else if they are entering too :D

30-03-09, 17:50
Welcome to the site, bet your insurance is expensive

30-03-09, 18:38
Welcome to the club,i hope you havent wrote off 16 cars!

30-03-09, 19:01
Welcome mate

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30-03-09, 19:11
welcome too the mad house :rlol:

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30-03-09, 19:38
Hey I'm new to.

I want an na cos the price is cumming down to my level and they are great cars.

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31-03-09, 02:45
I haven't written off 16 of them lol. i think around two... :innocent: lol

I bought the supra as its a mint machine, I got it for very very cheap and tbh the money I paid for it and a new set of wheels was only the cost of the vrt on the gtr. The engine went in the gtr and I just decided enough is enough and im selling it at the moment. I refuse to waste any more money on cars, I've lost enough. Every toyota I've had has been a minter, I used to work for toyota they are great cars, The price of a reconditioned 2JZGTE was 1300 and the price of a second hand Rb26dett was 2600 so I soon weighed up everything and decided I'd get back into a toyota. i drove the car and was more than happy with it. I've one pic of the car, this is it :D


31-03-09, 17:41
very nice car, i think a supra is better than a skyline ;) had a go in my mates skyline and hated it.

02-04-09, 09:44
very nice car, i think a supra is better than a skyline ;) had a go in my mates skyline and hated it.

I was out T-cuting and polishing the supra last nite as its a fresh import and there is the usual grime and dirt on it. My mate called around in his R33 Gts-t and tbh I found the supra more exciting to drive as you feel like your getting into a real sports car with all the dash and the way the car sits etc while the skylines interior is really bland and they are really practical, even the GTR felt the same. was gonna put my recaros from the gtr into the supra but after 3 hours I figured out the supra had electric seats I was like :p :D

04-04-09, 09:05
im glad you like the supra, to me they are the best cars out there ;)

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06-04-09, 21:04
I'm thinking of possibly supercharging my car. I supercharged my old R33 GTS on a budget of 500 euro :D and it worked.


http://www.mkivsupras.co.uk/imports/2009/04/128.jpg (http://s293.photobucket.com/albums/mm73/kearney-skyline/?action=view&current=DSCF0490.flv)
I got rid of the supercharged engine and fitted a Rb26dett instead :eyebrows: hehe


I thinking an eaton m45 will be too small.. perhaps a m60. Does anyone know, does the supra's ecu take well to boost? The 2JZGE?

06-04-09, 21:08