View Full Version : Cool US Supra and vid clip on supraforums

11-01-04, 18:41
Found this supra in the members rides section,



I thought it was a really wiked supra,

and apart from the info on that page I couldnt find any more on it!

Also there is a vid clip with this in it, which is worth downloading!

there a link at the bottom of that page.

Someone mentioned it was viper red, but it looks like a real nice orange to me.

Check it out


11-01-04, 21:23
I roof scoop and the Veilside CF arches - I'm inspired ;)

The video clip took me ages to download from that site, I've uploaded it here (http://www.megaboost.co.uk/video/supra/1percent.mpeg) for anyone in a hurry :)

Lovely looking car, not keen on the CFs standing out like that though, would look awesome on (my) black car though ;)

11-01-04, 22:28
I think thats Brad Mayo's. The red one with black wheels and wheel arches.

11-01-04, 23:03
Originally posted by Bobbeh
I think thats Brad Mayo's

Correct. (http://www.megaboost.co.uk/supra/brad-mayo-01.jpg)