View Full Version : Hints for the 'pod

17-06-08, 16:04
I have a couple more gadgets in my car since I last went to Santa Pod... and I would appreciate some hints on how best to use them!

I have RLTC with Launch Control and a Line lock kit (sadly still on a stock clutch though :) )

However I'm not sure how best to use these for a good launch!

Where should I set the launch control rev-limit? I've set it at just over 4k so that the car is on boost for launch, but I still get wheelspin. This is with the RLTC set to Dry mode.

Any ideas from the experts?

17-06-08, 16:07
I am looking forward to testing my line lock kit at the pod soon, I would have thought your stock clutch will be tested to its limit by drag launches and line lock tyre warm ups however, hope it holds out

17-06-08, 16:10
Use the link lock to lock the fronts for a big burnout.

Then set launch control for desired launch RPM (will be slightly higher than on road as friction will be higher after burnout) and go go buffalo! Easy :)

Gaz Walker
17-06-08, 16:16
Your car is making good power, your clutch will not like it. You may get away with a few launches though...

17-06-08, 16:21
Thanks guys! Will probably take a couple of goes to get a feel for it so I hope the clutch lasts :)