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30-11-03, 07:14
Im having a problem logging in,over the past few days.
As I rebooted my computer, and had to change my password, the BBS gave me one which didnt work, then it gave me another which kinda works.
It allows me to see the members area, but doesnt allow me to post there....???
By the way, thats only when using Internet explorer, but when using AOL, it doesnt let me see anything, it also has the couple of lins at the top, asking me to register, while my username is on at the bottom....???

Help JB!!!

Usmann Ali

Usmann A
30-11-03, 09:24
Oh ok............. this is strange my old account is working now..!!!:conf:

30-11-03, 10:34
had a user with this problem a week or so back, seems their Norton Firewall was stopping then getting to certain areas, possibly due to cookies being monitored.

But as its okay now then that okay.


Usmann A
30-11-03, 12:25
Jb, its not 100%, your right about the cookies, it dont work in AOL at all, only in explorer.

30-11-03, 16:55