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29-11-03, 20:46
Having a look at the GT Grafix website and see these 'new' style plates. I think they look pretty cool, thing is with my dodgy spacing and font it would guarantee a pull.
BTW, they say they are 100% legal although they don't look it :conf:
The law states a minimum of 11mm from the edge of each letter and they have taken this to the extreme and routered around the fonts !


Gordon F
29-11-03, 20:52
But lets face it, even though they are 'technically legal', you stick 'em on your car and you're going to be spending a lot of time parked up 'helping them with their enquiries'.

29-11-03, 20:54
Yeah, my point as well. Unless you are 100% legal in all other respects then I wouldn't have them.


29-11-03, 20:54
Not worth the hastle, leave then for the Nova boys:flame Dev

30-11-03, 00:03
have seen that plate on a max power type small car at a cruise. thought it was home made. look a bit ricer and nasty

30-11-03, 00:14
Sh*t, better cancel me order then :D (joke)
I just thought they looked different but if all the max lot are into them they must look crap in real life :p


Paul Laing
30-11-03, 00:33
I have to say they look terrible! Very ugly :eek:

30-11-03, 02:06
They look SHITE!..............:baa:

30-11-03, 16:28
That number plate looks like http://members.lycos.co.uk/goldieno1/avatars/codshit.gif