View Full Version : anyone fancy a south convoy to toddington next Sunday?

supra matt
17-06-07, 14:47
As above I'm based in chichester and wondered if anyone from Pompey or worthing way fancied meeting on route to toddington ?;)

17-06-07, 18:32
yes mate i will be the one in front

17-06-07, 22:53
could well be a plan, what time you heading off sunday morning?

18-06-07, 05:45
where and time please matt ?

supra matt
18-06-07, 18:22
be leaving chi at about 6 am Brett do you wont to meet me in the selsey tram car park?

Hi Jeff hows things? as above will be leaving about 6 to get to toddington for 8ish,