View Full Version : DJCC Sunday Pub Lunch Meet: 04/02/07

18-01-07, 14:08
http://img300.imageshack.us/img300/6207/pubmeet040207ir6.gif (http://www.djcc.co.nr)

Further details and a location map can be found HERE (http://z10.invisionfree.com/djcc/index.php?showtopic=304).

18-01-07, 16:25
In the diary. :)

28-01-07, 22:41
Anyone else up for this next Sunday?

28-01-07, 23:03
Not got the Supra yet, but in future yes :)

29-01-07, 10:23
Just a quick reminder that this meeting is next Sunday.

Please do pop along for a drink and a chat (and possibly a spot of grub!) if you're in the area.

There should be a great selection of cars in attendance :)

29-01-07, 16:03
Hey Rob,
Just spotted you in Ashley Road pulling up at the Victoria Cross lights. :)

You could have offered a lift mate... ;)

04-02-07, 17:49
Nice turnout of about 45 cars today. Only my good self representing the MkIV community though. DJCC are a friendly bunch and really make you feel welcome. :D

Pics can be seen here:http://z10.invisionfree.com/djcc/index.php?showtopic=627

Would be nice to see a few Supras next time... ;)

04-02-07, 18:01
would have come ivan, but the car is in a state, and ive been doing a few things