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13-01-07, 19:24
Hi everyone. I am new to the club and this is my first thread. Bought myself a silver TwinT auto 1994 last year and love it!
Looking for some advice for mods to up the bhp?? I am dead greedy and want it to be even quicker.
It has blitz 18" chrome all around which cost me $3000 from US, a blitz nurspec r full system & a Blitz loud and quiet air intake which was $500 US.
I have a report to show its running at about 398 - 400Bhp.
What is the next or best thing to do to it next to get more out of it without spending mega bucks on new turbos and etc. can anyone help me out on this please chaps???


13-01-07, 19:29
Welcome to the club. I am fairly new myself but no doubt that there are a lot of people with a wealth of knowledge that will get you going in no time...;)

14-01-07, 11:52
Hi and welcome mate, Blitz wheels ;) very nice.

Please use the search and look for BPU and you may find a few things of intrest that wll start you on your way for some cheap power upgrades.


R Black
14-01-07, 11:55
Hi & welcome, if your running 400 horses already i suspect you are already bpu, so i guess, next real step up in power is going the single turbo route.

14-01-07, 12:28
yep you won,t get anymore without going single im afraid, i take it you are bpu and not just got an exagerated dyno chart;)

R Black
14-01-07, 12:38
Think you will have to look at the paperwork that you got with the car, read up on bpu, then physically check you have these by having look round your motor, and checking reciepts.

Ian R
14-01-07, 13:01

14-01-07, 18:09
Hi again everyone and thanks for the replys. I have checked my paperwork and receipts and contacted the last owner today to verify and yes it has had a BPU done. Thanks guys. How much is a single turbo convertion and where do i go to enquire about it??

Cheers Rich:)

14-01-07, 18:17
Hi again. Just a quicky. Can anyone tell me how i cam get my plastic front light covers clean, because i have tried nearly everything to get them clean and there is still a mucky tint to them??

Cheers Rich

R Black
14-01-07, 20:27
You can clean them with T-cut some recommend something less harsh or go to the expert for a refurb


15-01-07, 08:52
How much is a single turbo convertion and where do i go to enquire about it??

Cheers Rich:)

there is a great deal of info on here you will need to search around though, really do your research as its never as simple as bolting on a turbo and bing bang bosh jobs a good'un, to do it properly I would say you would need to spend 5k minimum for parts and labour, maybe nearer to 8-9tbh

19-01-07, 18:08
Thanks for the info buddy:-)