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30-09-06, 17:40
Hey boys and girls, got myself a 96 supra non-turbo on its way from japan on a ship called the blue hawk, eta bristol 2nd Nov. woohoo!
Very excited to say the least, not sure where to start with tailoring it, mod-ing it etc etc
definitely gonna get new wheels initially, thinking of a set of 18" black alloys, just wondering what dimensions i should be looking at, can i buy any alloy wheel with tyres and it'll work or do i need to be careful about wheel tyre combinations???? and what about the width of the tyre??? any recommendations or suggestions would be very helpful as a bit clueless here! :search:
and out of interest what are the standard speakers on the supra like, are they any good or do they sound like boy george blowing bubbles into a toy trumpet?!

30-09-06, 17:56
mmmmmm boy george......
by the way welcome!!!! ill let somebody else answer the question as i do not have a clue either :) stock alloys for me :P

Max Headroom
30-09-06, 18:07
As for aftermarket alloys you need to keep the size as close to stock so as not to throw your speedo out. I have 8" on the front 235/40/18 and 9" on the rear with 255/35/18. They work for me

10-10-06, 15:05
nice one!
looking at getting some fat black innovits. just have to hang on to my pants until i get thecar off the boat, i'm like a little boy waiting for christmas!
cheers matey