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Phil Stone
24-10-05, 08:18
Can anyone reccomend a suitable bodyshop in the Brighton / Eastbourne area to do a complete respray on a 93 TT Supra without breaking the bank.

As a new (but very old) member I love my new Supra but silver urghhh

Cheers Phil

24-10-05, 08:38
.......I love my new Supra but silver urghhh

You've just made a very powerful enemy!! :swear:

Joking! :faint:

Dunno any sprayers anywhere near there except Dude, unfortunately he's 'busy' for a while!!

24-10-05, 10:04
Depends when you want it done. Hopefully Dude will be back around before christmas and i can see him needing some work his way.

24-10-05, 17:52
Hello Phil and welcome to the club :p

I need a bit of spraying carried out soon too, hopefully Dude can do it soon.:Pling:

01-11-05, 18:13
i will to if im to get a new bumper