View Full Version : Future owner looking to meet local owners! (not a dogging opportunity sorry)

08-09-15, 17:25
Hi all,

Currently have an S2000 and I've just entered the market for a Supra, my top of the bucket list car. Wondering if anyone lives around the NW London/Hertfordshire area and fancies meeting up, I've never even had a ride in a Supra before (this is sounding more and more like a lonely hearts advert) let alone driven one so it'd be nice to experience a couple, TT, Single, 6 Speed/Auto Etc before I make my mind up. If anyone nearby fancies meeting up for car talk and possibly letting me jump in your passenger seat shoot me a PMl! Cheers!

08-09-15, 17:29
:welcome: mate your in the right place.

Sure you'll have some one nearby willing to help shortly!

08-09-15, 17:42
I was hoping someone round here had a supra ;) Cheers mate, be good to meet a few guys before I bite the bullet