View Full Version : Hi new from Birmingham in need off some parts and website advise

Death Wish
11-08-15, 20:13
Greeting's all my names Tom selling my old Mini early September and in the market for a manual NA Supra!! as I've always wanted one and no time better than know.
can some one in the Uk tell me a good place to buy service and standard Surpa body pannels from (original or remakes) as all i can find is 90's body kit stuff :9 be great if i knew where i could by original style bumpers sills and parts from and make a nice clean supra. also places to by brakes and filters etc.

Also its this is a stupid question but no adds appear for me and every page has no images just white background and text is this write or just my web security lol.

thanks in advance and Hello from the classic mini world. Tom