View Full Version : Hello from SlvBullet SC430

05-06-15, 19:12

I am Regular on the Club Lexus forum. I have a 2004 Lexus SC430 that I have been modifying. You can see my Garage on Club Lexus username SlvBullet. I am located in Northern Virgina, USA.

I just finished installed a Supra TT 3.77 LSD differential which is bolt-on formthe Lexus SC430 except for that it came with a diiferent size pinion flange and I replaced all the bushings with new high density poly bushings - getting the old ones off was a challenge.

The change is amazing; dropped the 0-60 time from 5.75 to under 5.1 sec still on all season tires. Factory spec is 5.9s.

I was expecting a drop it the speed limited top speed to anout 135 mph but the dyno speed dropped at 118 mph. I purchased the HKS SLD and need to install but need English instructions which I see here.

I need to learn my way around the forum and will post pictures as possible.