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20-05-15, 09:52
hello everyone just wanted to come say hi

20-05-15, 09:59
guys how can i access the for sale posts as im trying to contact a guy called shane who is selling a momo formula wheel but when i have tried to pm him it says his inbox is full lol and i cant comment on his post

i found his ad via a google search and really want to buy the wheel

can anyone point me in the right direction on how to contact him :) or anyone who knows him please ask him if he could inbox me :)

thanks guys

20-05-15, 10:01
Have you paid your membership

20-05-15, 10:13
i havnt mate no

tbh i dont have a supra anymore used to own a black mk4 but i now have an mr2

as i say i found the for sale post via google and been trying to find this whee for a long time so signed up to try and contact the guy selling it :(

20-05-15, 10:17
Aaa. You cant buy or sell if your not a member, sorry, thats the rules. Plus the google search maybe iut of date !!! Part might have been sold. 10 membership is a good way to go.