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18-04-15, 17:34
Hi all,

I had a 93 Jspec N/A Auto Aerotop for a couple of years in the early Noughties and absolutely adored it. It was pretty much stock with a few interior mods and I had big plans for what to do with it. Unfortunately I ended up moving to Spain and then working other places around Europe for a few years so I sold it. Now I'm back in the UK for good I'm looking to buy another Supra as a 2nd car and spend time modifying it. Until I find the right car I'm just buying bits and pieces for it so I will have loads to do when I do bite the bullet. I'm looking forward to getting the benefit of the experience of the board members on here and please excuse me if some of my questions are mind numbingly stupid.



18-04-15, 17:45
Yo mate

welcome to the club, good to see another supra owner from manchester :D what region u in mate? I'll be visitin manchester this summer (probably august)