View Full Version : Curborough Track Day

30-08-10, 12:44
Hi all
I'm organising a track day at Curborough sprint course on the 30th September it will be a laid back day not too many rules with an open pit lane so there will be alot of track time for everyone with there only being 10 cars. There are 4 places still available. There will be use of a gas BBQ but you will have to supply your own food. It is 60 per car all day no extra charge for extra drivers or passengers. Payment can be made by paypal (paid as a gift to cover the cost). And just to let you know that I will not be making any profit off the day I'm doing this purely for fun and to get a bit of track time.
No DRIFTING grip only

If anyone is interested in coming along pop your name down and contact for further details or if there are any questions let me know.