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30-03-09, 20:52
Hi Everyone,

I have recently imported my first Supra and so far i am very pleased every time i drive i have a big :d on my face. Spec of my car its a 1994 RZ 6 speed with a single HKS T04R turbo kit and HKS GT 60mm wastegate, Tein HR Coilovers, HKS 272/272 cams, power enterprise timing belt, HKS FCON V Ecu, Blitz front intercooler, Earls Oil Cooler, 800cc Sard Injectors, Modified fuel pump, UK Spec Brakes, recaro seats, top secret bodykit. The car is a bit scary to drive but all good fun.

I will like to say thanks to Jamie P and John D for sorting out the diff for me as the car had a lock diff i believe it was setup for drifting or drag racing and John sold me a standard torsen diff. Everytime i went around a corner at slow speed the car was hopping on one wheel.

I will be coming down to the next meet and will keep a look out on the forum will be nice to meet everyone.:)

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30-03-09, 21:09
Hi :d