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17-03-09, 09:09
I'm posting as a member of sonid.dk, The Danish Supra owners club

In 2005 we (sonid) arranged a very successful European Supra meet in Denmark.
We are planning to do this again this summer. It will be from the 23rd of July to the 26th. The meet will take place at Padborg Park, close to the German border. We will have free use of the Race spec track there as well as food and beverage will be available throughout the weekend. There are hotels near by, but also great possibilites for camping at the track, which I expect most people to do. We will arrange for music and fun events as well as a Concour with trophies for the best cars in different categories.

We are looking for a idea of how many that are interested in joining. Please post if you have interest or PM me if you need direct contact info. I will be happy to take contact to your local supra club if you can leave me some contact info.

More info here:

But first off, let me know if anyone is interested in joining.



17-03-09, 09:14
lets see some uk guys come here..

and also great way to sell your car..

a fancy this in the GTR;) already been on that track with it;)

17-03-09, 10:28
Well, I hope to see you there Jurgen!

- was it your GTR I saw in 5th gear on Danish Discovery Channel yesterday? They said it was the first in the UK...

17-03-09, 11:07
I was there in 2005 (2005? allready that long ago??? time flies)
and we had a GREAT time!
(with black mk4 from my brother, now I have my own mk4 :) )

17-03-09, 12:33
I think that's the same time the on the 'Ring trip are heading over.

Sounds :cool: I might have to look at ferry prices :taped:

17-03-09, 12:55
I think that's the same time the on the 'Ring trip are heading over.

Sounds :cool: I might have to look at ferry prices :taped:

Never mind the taped smiley, get it booked :eyebrows:

24-03-09, 12:30
In 2005 we had 90 supras and 140 participants. Come on guys, go to the website above and sign up!

15-04-09, 13:15
I will be there :-)

15-04-09, 13:41
I will be there :-)

Cool. Smid en tilmelding på: http://esm2009.zznetwork.dk/?sc_lang=en

Så skulle du gerne få info når der sker noget.

17-07-09, 08:21
Getting close.

Anyone from the UK attending?