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23-01-04, 15:59
:D What a day I've had...Thought I would phone Leon at jps to see if they had any Nur spec exhausts in just so happened he did..Things got better when he said he could have it fitted today...So shot of to JPS and got to meet the guys there who are a great bunch and make you feel welcome..Leon was only to happy to chat and answer some questions for me..De cat pipes came into conversation and so happened he had one to replace the second cat..mmm so sent the Mrs to the snack bar and by the time she was back de cat going on as well.To cut it short I cannot believe the increase in power its like a different car..Anyway thanks to all at Leons recommend them to anyone...Thanks to all on here that replied to my posts about exhausts.Have a good weekend..:cool:

23-01-04, 16:04
Nice one Stu :D

Now just get rid of that first cat :p

23-01-04, 16:12

fancy meeting up over the weekend as i'd like to hear what the Nur sound like at idil and WOT

23-01-04, 16:15
:D I'm working on it..next plan is get rid of other cat and get nice boost controller..as Leon said I'm on the slippery slope now!!There I was Mr Stock!!Never mind.Didn't expect the gains I got and the exhaust isn't too loud either..ish!

23-01-04, 16:21
Originally posted by cashpoint

fancy meeting up over the weekend as i'd like to hear what the Nur sound like at idil and WOT No worries Paul
Surprised you haven't heard me going past your work today!!lol:D

23-01-04, 16:25
can never tell get boy racers going past and big trucks after a while they all sound the same :D

How does 2 at the old mill sound then?

23-01-04, 16:27
:eek: Boy racers with Nur specs!!Lol..Have to be Sunday mate gotta work tomorrow..:(

The Flash
23-01-04, 16:30
:cool: :cool:
Nice one mate!

Guess I'll have to follow you down this slope that appears to be oh so slippery!!

Am away this weekend (Off to Anfield to see if Liverpool can get any worse!!) - but would like to see / hear the difference... maybe next week sometime (Assume you will still be showing off by then!)


23-01-04, 16:35
:p Yep probably mate...PM me and I'll give ya me mobile number...As for liverpool well say no more eh!lol

23-01-04, 16:38
Ok 2 at old mill Sunday is fine. I have weekend off:D

23-01-04, 16:53
Good stuph, you entering the dark side now! :D

I havent been at Leons for a while, wich is good, because it means my car didn't break :)

23-01-04, 17:04
:cool: Very dark!!

Matt B
23-01-04, 17:33
Nice one Stu....:)

Where is Leon's place anyway???:confused:

23-01-04, 17:50
On an industrial estate the other side of Fenny Stratford..Barton rd..think I may be spending lots of time there;)

The Flash
23-01-04, 17:52
you'll be looking under bonnets next AND know what is there!!

23-01-04, 17:56
:eek: Steady...Flash now you know that ain't true...But at least I can pretend;) Come on get your pipe sorted..lol

The Flash
23-01-04, 17:59
Ok - will sort it after the important things - sound inside the car!

Have a good time with the motor this weekend. Must dash - just realised the pubs are open - DOH!!


23-01-04, 18:02
Make sure you get a loud stereo flash if you get the Nur!...lol

The Flash
27-01-04, 16:14

Seeing all of the "worrying" going around about having to tell the insurance company your stock car has in fact had a 25% power increase!!!!!!! - did you tell your friendly broker?

If so - what was the impact? (Trying to eliminate all possible excuses before I burn the plastic quite drastically!)


Ps - Stereo goes in on Thur, so after that ................:cool:

27-01-04, 16:25
Check out my post on insurance companys....B*****ds..