View Full Version : HID HeadLight conversion, AnyGood???

Onelife Nofear
10-12-03, 14:55
Hi just wondering is the HID conversion any good I have seen some pics but doesnt look that impressive on them, I expect its something you need to see in person!

11-12-03, 09:57
There was a recent group buy - the people that have fitted them seem pleased:)

whifbitz group buy... (http://www.mkivsupra.net/vbb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=12730&pagenumber=4)

Steve W2
12-12-03, 13:06
I don't know who it was but somebody took some pictures of mine at the recent Westfield meet. If they see this and posted it up you could get a look at what they look like.


Green Peace
12-12-03, 19:08
I'm having mine fitted Monday 4500k low n high beam bought from Whiffbitz very good price.

I will give you my HONEST Opinion of them on Monday Eve when I get back...but everyone seems happy with them so far...and Paul Wiffen has got some in stock still I think.

Paul Whiffin
15-12-03, 10:53
I'll have some stock middle of this week if you need a set.


Green Peace
15-12-03, 23:48
Very Good Lights...just had them fitted.....

Cue Song:

"I can see clearly now the rain has gone...... de dah de dah..."

"I can see all obsticales in my path..... di dah di dah."

The ones I have are blue'ee (kind of Ice blue) even though they are 4500k but I imagine that the 8000k will be even bue'ee'rrr.

Thanks Paul ...need to adjust angle of beam though not sure how ya do that on a Jap spec...on the UK spec it has a little motor....Any Ideas ?

Very Good value....

Anyone who thinks they dont need the full beam should think again its feels like you got enough light to fill a football Stadium ....I strongly reccomend full beam...I'm glad I bought both Now I can blind BMW drivers coming the other way too.

16-12-03, 08:38
I think there are some little posts sticking out the back of the headlights that can be adjusted with a philips screwdriver. There are diagrams on the web that show where the light should fall if you face a wall on level ground.

I haven't got around to checking mine although no-one has flashed me yet so they can't be *that* bright :p


16-12-03, 09:19

I have got the 8000 HID's and must say that i am 110% happy with them. The colour is amazing and the difference at night time driving has to be seen to be appreciated fully.

For the price, i am inclined to say that they are a bargain.

Onelife Nofear
16-12-03, 10:38
cheers lads,
I think I will have to invest blinding BM drivers sounds too good to pass up :D