View Full Version : Origin b2 - Mounting in a Supra?

10-12-03, 08:55
Just wondering where the b2 owners have installed their unit really, I'm not a big fan of clutter in the car and the obvious mounting point on top of the steering column would mean the gear shifter lights would be hidden so I'm not sold on that idea.

So where have you mounted yours and do you have any pics of the install I can look at?

I'd like to roof mount it near the rear view mirror and angle it towards me but I suspect the cradle won't allow this - any suggestions are more than welcome.

Secondly how difficult is it to hardwire in? I'm useless with anything that involves wires but want the job done properly so it's all out of sight, I guess any car alarm type place could fit it for me - how long would it take to put in? (I've already skinted myself buying the unit so need to budget)


10-12-03, 10:22
Well, mine's the S6 Neo, but principles are the same.
Hard wiring was just a case of running the power from near the radio, up behind the speedo area and out by the A-pillar, which is where the screen is mounted.
You can then run the cable to the radar detector up around the windscreen, tucking it in the lining, and mount the detector behind the rear view mirror.

Very tidy and easy. Hopefully, the B2 is the same.
I put my S6 at the junction of RH dash and A-pillar, as it is in line of sight, doesn't obscure any instruments, is slightly hidden from external view by parking permit pouch etc, AND, I believe there has to be some distance betwixt detector and screen.

10-12-03, 10:23
Repost I know but worth it....

10-12-03, 10:50
Cheers Rob, that did strike me as a good location and with the b2 being pretty small it would be a nice fit but my alarm ultrasonics are there so the unit would obscure them :(

Can you point the ultrasonics in any direction or do they really have to point back across the door window.

Apologies for being such a novice today :)