View Full Version : Cheap Alloys (not for Supra)

Mark Ayling
08-12-03, 11:28

I'm (out of interest) having a look round for some alloys for the Mazda 323F, as at the moment it only has 14's on which look far too small IMO.

I don't want to spend a fortune, just want some that look decent in 16 or maybe 17 (not sure what will fit OK), maybe even second hand.

Any recommendations?


Ibrar Jabbar
08-12-03, 18:15
Hi Mark,

I can do you a nice set of 5 spoke 17" for 287.50 tyres are extra.

email sales@pro-alloys.co.uk for further info.



Mark Ayling
08-12-03, 18:19
email on its way.... :thumbs:

Ibrar Jabbar
08-12-03, 18:33

see attached picture of the wheel.

Mark Ayling
08-12-03, 18:52
Cheers Ibrar, I just want to see if any of the photoshop gurus out there can bodge them on to a pic of the car and I'll get back to you.... :thumbs:

08-12-03, 18:55
ibrar, do you have any of those wheels to fit supe but in 18"
cheers ...lee

Ibrar Jabbar
08-12-03, 19:13

No problem.


Not available for Supra fitments.

Aerotop Dave
08-12-03, 20:24
Ibrar, if I name some wheels can you easily check if they are available for the Supra? I'd be interested in buying btw, not just using you for info here!

Ibrar Jabbar
08-12-03, 21:50
Yeh go ahead, but please email me sales@pro-alloys.co.uk, cheers.