View Full Version : south meets

TT Paul
30-12-07, 12:24
just wondering when there might be a meet in hants area if anyone knows ???:search:

30-12-07, 12:53
Won't be long mate. :) Gotta get through New Year first.:d
Hopefully Fleet meet will be on the cards soon. :)

TT Paul
30-12-07, 17:29
ok look,n forward to it

30-12-07, 17:36
Me and MrT organised the last on in Nov (I think) we said we would have another in the "New Year" sometime.

It was a good turn out and would be good to repeat.

I hope Tigger gets the Wiltshire ones going again, that's not too far !

Also how about the big Ace cafe meet at the end of Jan, a bit further away but it will be a good one, we could convoy from Fleet ? :d


TT Paul
01-01-08, 15:30
prob wont b able to make ace cafe meet due to work