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25-10-07, 13:35
just joined the club yesterday, I havnt got a supra yet but have my eye on 1, just waiting for sky insurance to give me a bell b4 I go and get the pennies flowin? I cant fookin wait bin hangin out me hoop for years to get a supra? cheers for the info and sortin out a deal with sky insurance guys.

25-10-07, 13:37
Welcome, I hope you get that "hoop" problem sorted soon.

Oh and some members get a bit worked up about "txt spk" so I'll warn you in advance - not me of course, I'm very open-minded.

25-10-07, 13:41
cheers for the advice on the text speak, and will definetly try and sort the hoop thing out ha ha

25-10-07, 13:42
not me of course, I'm very open-minded.

:D But he's right no text speak.

Welcome to the club though matey:)

25-10-07, 13:42

25-10-07, 13:44
ola and welcome mate
you wont regret purchasing your self a supra!!