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Is it just me or do other people experience days of being invisible?


Driving home from work a Corsa just like the one that hit me recently tried to take me out on the motorway, then a lorry did the same, then someone pulled out in front of me on a roundabout and then a dog ran out as I got close to home.


Just been to the supermarket and so many people seemed to want to drive their trolley into me or walk into me, I kept checking and I definately wasn't invisible but it sure felt like it!


I'm not the smallest chap in the world, I'm fairly easy to see FFS!!


Rant over, time for bed, trackday tomorrow.....

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Like you I had one day 2 years ago I was driving my Probe which was bright red and 15 ft long, so hardly inconspicuous!!!! One woman in a 4wd reversed into me at a petrol station!! I then left the pumps and turned on to a busy road, when someone pulled out of a side road narrowly missing hitting me in the side!! A short distance up thhe same road a Rover while sitting at a red light decided he was in thhe wrong lane and proceeded to reverse into my car!!!!!!How the people get a license beats me!!!!??Lol........But its my fault because I am invisible??





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