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PC help needed.


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Ok I got something saying IDE # 01 FAILURE on one of the laptops last night, stuck the product recovery CD in and it wouldn't work either.Now I phoned Oxy who said the hard drive is fooked and I need a new one but I cant find the one I need,the laptop is fairly old toshiba 2180 CDS - anyone know where to get it from?


Also tried to hook up the other laptop which hasnt been online and created my BT open world connection in dialup networking but I keep getting 'error 680' no dial tone.


Now Im connecting through a network card on this one xircom 56 modem card - do I connect the telephone line to where it says 'line' or 'telephone' on the network card ? or shall I just buy an external modem today and do it that way ?

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Hi Far


For Toshiba spares try the following, although obviously no guarantees :)


Hugh Symons Mobile Computing

01202 745744


Topaz Support

0118 987 2288


Primary Storage

01952 602600


Upgrade Distribution (** hard drive specialists)

01252 332800


Allied Computer Solutions (Used parts)

08707 521140


Blackmore Computer (Used parts)

01722 744466


Laptek Services (Used parts)

020 8543 6868




Connect the telephone line to the socket that says line.


Sure that its a network card, sounds like a pcmcia modem to me?


If its a network card, it won't work on a dialup connection. Or do you mean you're trying to use internet connection sharing over a network and dialling up with the modem. Can't see why you would, but I've seen some strange setups before :)


Are you using the modem lead that came with the card? Its quite important as there are a number of different wiring combinations for modems



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