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NFSU 2 - Supra bodykits


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Hey guys, I imagine a few of you have probably bought (or otherwise obtained ;)) this by now and I have a question for you. The bodykits featured in the game, are they by the major manufacturers with the correct names and logos or are they the freaky creation of a game artist with far too much time on their hands? :D Thanks!

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[RANT MODE (Kids look away now!)]


The last game was w4nk and had made up kits in it....I'm guessing the new game is equally w4nk and has equally made up kits.


Any game where you can stop your car, wait for 30 secs, see that the PC opponents have stopped also and then manage to chase them down and beat them is a bit ermmm unrealistic. Same with it's blatant disregard for physics...if you're leading. (I've finished the first one, so it's not sour grapes I just think it's rubbish)




For *fun* driving get Wipeout or Flatout. At least they don't try to take themselves seriously.

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Originally posted by attilauk

well at least im not the only one then!:p


im half way through the final area and i've got a 10 star supra with no vinyls or spinners on it!


My RX is a ten star with lovely coloured nitrous purge :cool:

I'm only about 50% of the way through so got loads more to do.

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