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Blitz Twin Turbo Installation

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I finished the installation of the fuel pump assembly today.

I had a couple of issues though.

First of all, when I went to fit the banjo fittings after putting the pump assembly into position and fitting the retainer ring (here's a tip, if you're struggling to re-fit the retainer ring try running some grease on the thread. Not too much mind, you don't want to be getting it in the fuel tank!) I found that as the banjo fittings sit very close to the top of the retainer ring, they fouled it. So I had to relieve some of the upper portion of the ring around each fitting:-





I then found even when just using banjo fixings and not the 90 degree bends that I'd originally hoped to use, it still fouled the inspection cover. To get around this I initially tried turning down the head of the -8 feed bolt. But it still clashed with the inspection cover, so there was nothing else to do than grind a small hole into the top of the cover. By the time I'd finished it was a not so small hole. It's not very neat but it's got the job done. If I were doing it again, I would just drill a hole just big enough to fit the bolt head through. I also drilled a 6mm hole through the inspection cover and fitted a gromet for my ground strap to go through:-


I've fitted the ground strap to the ground point on the rear bulkhead. I've given myself enough cable so that I can tape it to the floor of the boot so it won't catch on anything:-



I also fitted the fuel feed up to the fuel filter and produced an exact list of components that I've used for my fuel line set-up that I'll post later.


2Tlicense, can you help me plz:


I am going to do smth the same on my Evo and I found almost all parts of the connector, but I cant find how to fix the terminal in fuel pump hanger. can you please check picture of what I need (marked red), may be you ciuld give me a tip where to get it.




also is there any "gasket" supplied with




thanks a lot,


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