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Wheels known to fit over UK brakes


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Is this kept up-to-date? I'm on the hunt for some wheels that will fit over UK brakes. As I need to win the lottery to get TE37s I'm looking at ROTAs for now.


Anyone running ROTAs? I've done been searching the forum for the past couple of days about it but there's a lot of conflicting information. I saw a thread a while back of someone who fitted GTR-Ds that cleared but I've found other threads that say they won't.


Paul says he supplies ROTAs that clear UK brakes here:



Should these be added to the list?

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Veilside Andrews??


Fairly sure they do but you need to check which offset they have. I have seen two Supra with the larger brakes with these wheels. One is a chap who was on the forum called suprasize & the other is the official Toyota Supra car which was also at the 20th anniversary meet (the one with the Castrol decals below).



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Guest suprageek

Sorry only seen this they are 18's 9.5 front 10.5 rear I think not sure on the offsets they fill the arches nicely though, yes I had the centre painted and the lip polished as they were originally black

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Guest SupraScott88

Just to let everyone know that Lenso project D spec E rims fit and clear the supra with U.K calipers

8.5 at the front and 9.5 at the rear :)

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Guest GeeEss

Hi there guys,


I'm running a Silver 2003 IS300 SportCross with Mk4 Supra brake upgrade.


Upgrading my wheels and want to go a bit left field > looking at 18x8 Ronal R50's but Ronal's are almost unknown in AUS and doubt anyone on myIS.com would know so I thought I'd come to the source & speak to you guys.


Current wheels are staggered 18x8 & 18x8.5 OEM 2-IS LF1 / ET45. These are practically flush as is so spacers aren't do-able (don't like them anyway).


According to Ronal's Site the R50's do fit 2-1S 250 & 350; and most OEM rims for 2-IS are designed to clear big brake option.


Can anyone offer definitive information or point me in the right direction in regards to where I can find it?


Note: I've already contacted PerformanceAlloys.com in the UK & the guycouldn't confirm fitment as; 1. they didn't have any wheels in stock & 2. The Template I emailed him wasn't an "officially sanctioned"* template* or words to that effect.


* ??? - AFAIK I can't exactly rock up to my local Toyota dealer & request a JZA80 Supra TT brake template. . .


If all else fails I might just take a $300 punt & import 1 wheel. . . .





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