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What to check when buying a Supra


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I couldn't see it in the guide when I had a flick through earlier, but definitely check the Fuel and brake lines over for corrosion. Ideally remove the plastic protecting strip under the chassis of car and see if any of the lines are corroded.


Also check the power steering lines for leaks/weeping as these are getting old now, particularly just behind the rubber hosed bits which often crack.


Suspension arms for any unnecessary excess play if you can jack up corners or have access to a ramp.


Check all pulleys for excess movement too, might be worth doing the tippex check on crank pulley if time allows.

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Read this year's ago, great guide for sure with a lot of helpful info. Although seen as some of these cars are are now getting on for 25 year old I do think the guide is a little over critical! A lot of the guide is common sense stuff you would check on any car! Things like where it says about smoke on start up, these are old cars now lol, i dont drive mine much, trying to keeping the mileage down as it got about 112,000miles now. If i start my car up after a couple weeks mine smokes blue from cold, clears quickly . any old car will puff a bit, when I was using my car regular like every day it don't puff at all really. Main thing is I'd say is check for smoke from turbo.

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I see loads of Supra's that have issues with their warning light clusters not working fully or not at all. When you turn the key from ACC to ON, you should see all the warning lights appear on your light cluster. If any of the warning lights are missing then it could be a fault in the circuit, or someone has removed the bulb. If someone has removed the bulb for the engine warning light or master warning light for instance, then that would be an instant point to discuss.

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