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We should be up for it.


Think we need a new venue though as the one in Poringland has gone upmarket a bit. Or at least its' prices have! Tried it a few weeks ago and wasn't over-impressed.


Any ideas?


hmm... i'm not to sure where though - how about we have this one in poringland - then it will give us 2-3 months to find another - unless you want to go down to the dog?

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What about Zaks in Poringland? It's further into the village (heading away from the city)than the Railway Tavern. They opened up about 6 weeks ago. Large tarmac car park too.


Not to mention that most of us should be able to find it!!


sounds like a plan.

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Ladies and Gents... I am proud to present in association with My local MOT test center, Toyota rip-off parts and a split fuel pipe:-


The next E.A. mini meet will be provisionally on sunday 29th of January 2006!


A slight change of venue, called Zaks - an american diner:-




Zaks at The Swan

The Street,



NR14 7RP


Its just down the road from the Railway Tavern


Or if you have never been - Like me...click me





Arrive 12.00 - 12.30 to attempt to eat at 1.00pm




I'll book the table a bit nearer the time.

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Excellent, date suits me fine.




4.lambertpig ?

5.Soop Dogg ?

6.Rik ?

7.Digsy ?

8.Supragold ?

9.Ouch Got Me ?


Right - could you add your names, or at least confirm (those listed above) as I dont want to book a table for say 20 and only 5 turn up ;)


I'll be booking begining of next week... so hurry up!



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