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Power Steering bits and Anti Roll Bars


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Slowly going through all spares at last and have these bits for sale at moment, the Anti Roll bars are from my N/A jap import supra.


SRD steel black Power steering support (used for removing of air con pump) £25 posted.

Power Steering bracket (attaches to air con pump) £20 posted.

GE Power Steering Resovoir with cap £60 posted.

2JZ GE Rear Anti Roll bar £50.

2JZ GE Front Anti Roll bar £70.

open to offers on all items as only priced what think they worth, items can also be collected from south Lincolnshire aswell.


parts 1.jpg

parts 2.jpg

parts 3.jpg

parts 4.jpg

parts 5.jpg

parts 6.jpg

parts 7.jpg

parts 8.jpg

parts 9.jpg

parts 10.jpg

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