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Wiring for Single Turbo Aftermarket ECU


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Hello technical section,

I'm currently in the process of finalising my wiring harness for my single turbo build, and im appealing to the wiring Guru's for some wise words, wisdom and general input. Having done a lot of searching and seeing a load of threads where people have got it wrong, I thought it best to seek clarity / confirmation, with this thread potentially becoming useful to others.

So here goes:-

  • The harness itself was bespoke made for a 2JZ engine but never used. Its a useful base to start from, but does need work. I'm currently in the process of changing some connectors, adding/removing some items, and basically making it suit my specific build.
  • My body loom is a GE loom and im aiming for everything to work (obviously) and where possible use the original circuits.
  • The aftermarket ECU im going for is the Syvecs S7.

My main area of need is input on how the stock body loom plugs (5) interact when using an aftermarket ECU. I have been referring to the 'Wilbo666' technical information and the Syvecs pin out information, which has helped a lot, but before I physically wire it all up I wanted to get some friendly advise and double check my workings.

Attached is my 'work-in-progress' spreadsheet showing the five stock connectors and where I am anticipating everything going. Essentially, anything in green I believe to be sorted, blue is not used/not required for my build, and red is still to be confirmed / unsure.

As you can see some pins on the stock connectors are '??' for example - Orange connector, pin 32, electrical load sense, which im not even sure can be utilised with an aftermarket ECU?

If anyone can help on any of the red items, or share advise from experience then please do. Perhaps even commenting on things you would do differently etc.

Thanks, Moo.

Stock Connectors Pin Outs.xlsx

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I believe there is a typo on that spreadsheet - Connector 90980-10897 pin 8 goes to pin 13 (orange) not pin 28.

I also hear of some people using the 'electrical load sense' pin on the body loom to raise the idle rpm when electrical load is high - Sounds like its possible to create this option within Syvces with a custom table to add idle duty against battery voltage.

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