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Buying at UK spec TT Manual


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post it as a message here, as a new member you are under post moderation so I have to approve it before it becomes visible. I can delete it and send you a pm afterwards, I'll look at why it's not working as you should be able to send moderators a pm but no one else until you're a member.

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Just now, abs said:

@tayr did you go to view it also?

Someone I know did. Was a nice car on the whole but a few things weren’t quite right with the bodywork so they chose to walk away. That’s not to say it’s not right for you. It’s just they didn’t want the hassle of sorting extra bits 

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The good things with rust is any lost metal can be replaced, at a cost.

I'd be more focussed on the components that cannot be replaced with Toyota parts which includes just about everything underneath. You can still get bolts and hockey sticks but that is about as far as it goes.

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