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Parts left over from NA-T build


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Having garage sort out and have all these parts for sale so far, unsure what parts are worth so going to guess but am open to offers on all parts and all prices included delivery to UK only, not selling abroad at moment.

I also have box of braided hoses and AN fittings which will go through next weekend plus have damaged NA wire loom and lots of other electrical parts and sensor connectors that got before had loom made, need to go through paper work 1st as they have the part numbers on them and are still in sealed bags.

Whifbitz billet turbo oil drain flange £15 (SOLD)

NA Map sensor & Bracket £15 (SOLD)

New Dizzy Cap, arm & Heat Shield £20

NA Ignition Module with Bracket new £40

NA Power Steering resovoir £35

Fuel Filter Bracket £15

NA Fuel pump hanger £70

NA lower water neck £25

Uprated Full set NA HT leads £60

Battery power cable £15

Battery to Starter power cable £25

Battery Earth cable £15

New Toyota idler bracket (13505-46041) £20

NA Manual ECU £75 (SOLD)

Underneath Fuel line plastic cover £20

3Inch 90degree Intercooler pipe £25

NA Spark Plug cover plate £30

Toyota Fuel tank top cover £20

NA Vac Hard lines £30 (SOLD)

NA water pipe (Fits exhaust side of block) £20

NA fuel hoses £20

Whitbitz NA-T kit lower intercooler pipe (goes along bottom engine bay behind radiator £30

Toyota Silver washer jets £15

NA heater Matrix hose joiner £20

NA oil filter housing bolt £10

NA oil Filter housing unit (painted silver, no O ring fitted) £40

Charcoal Cannister £30

Brake servo with Resovior x2 £70 each

NA Crank timing belt cog £20

100mm x 2,1/2 inch hose joiner £15

NA Silicone lower water hose £25

NA Fuel rail hard pipes x2 £20 each


I've tried to price this what think worth but if am wrong and something is overpriced please let me know, won't take offence at all just trying to get rid of spares and not sure what anything is worth


Oil drain 1.jpg

Oil drain 2.jpg

Map 1.jpg

Dizzy 3.jpg

Dizzy 2.jpg

Ignition 2.jpg

PS 1.jpg

PS 2.jpg

Fuel bracket.jpg

Water neck 1.jpg

Water neck 2.jpg

HT 1.jpg

Battery 1.jpg

Battery 2.jpg

Battery 3.jpg

Bracket 1.jpg

Bracket 2.jpg

ECU 1.jpg

ECU 2.jpg

ECU 3.jpg

fuel 1.jpg

fuel 2.jpg

90 1.jpg

Spark cover.jpg

Fuel cover.jpg

Canister 1.jpg

Canister 2.jpg

Servo 1.jpg

Servo 2.jpg

Crank gear 1.jpg

Crank gear 2.jpg

Small joiner.jpg

Fuel line 1.jpg

Hard pipes.jpg

Vac line 1.jpg

Vac line 2.jpg

Water pipe 1.jpg

Fuel hose 1.jpg

Ineter 1.jpg

Inter 2.jpg

washer 1.jpg

washer 2.jpg

heater 1.jpg

oil bolt.jpg

Oil 1.jpg

Oil 2.jpg

Oil 3.jpg

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On 9/19/2022 at 5:30 PM, Suprakeith said:

Little bump, have also got an SRD power steering bracket for sale which will post up soon with pictures and a fair few braided lines that had made that don't need

Could you please send me a picture of what you got 


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