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Carbon Bonnet cleaning


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I've got a carbon bonnet fitted on car, and as car spent last couple years in garage haven't had to worry, just wondering if anyone knows of any really good products to protect bonnet from fading please? i am aware that can't prevent it as only matter of time before carbon fades and do regret buying it if honest and selling stock bonnet, but now have it want to do what can to keep it in top condition for as long as possible.

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13 hours ago, TrickyBlue said:

Paint Protection Film. It's a clear vinyl that is used to protect the cars paint from scratches, stone chips etc. They also have UV protection so will help keep the carbon looking fresh.

That's a very good idea, didn't even think about paint protection film, thank yo so much will look at getting bonnet done in film asap as want to keep it looking its best.

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19 hours ago, suprano said:

I would definitely be getting it lacquered will be just like any other painted body panel then 🙂


6 hours ago, AC93 said:

I have the exact same bonnet ..mine faded, went really cloudy, but looked great when wet 

Got it re-lacquered about 18months ago, looks amazing still. I should probably wax it this weekend, give it some kind of UV protection 

Thank you chaps for information will def look at get it Lacquered to protect bonnet and also regular waxing to give added UV protection👍

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On 9/12/2022 at 3:36 PM, Big Supes said:

As someone who PPF's and vinyl wraps cars and boats for a living, I can vouch for PPF being a workable solution, but it's better to get the fundamentals corrected first and use PPF as a protector.  

Thank you for advice, hopefully car be going bodyshop over winter and then look at having PPF done over bonnet to keep it in top condition, also got to fit the aero catches first 

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