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Boost leak test on stock 2jzgte


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I have bought a boost leak tester, but how do i perform  a boost leak test on a stock engine, i have done some searching but most are done on a single turbo engine, i have found a couple of threads with stock engine, but there seems to be different ways to do it, sone say to cap of some lines so you dont pressurize the crankcase, so are there some in here that knows how to, and what lines to cap of??


thanks in advance

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What exactly have you bought? I don't think you really perform a boost leak test on the engine, but on the intake system. So from the air filter all the way to the throttle body.

I'd imagine it'll be difficult to leak test a stock TT system with how many vacuum lines etc there are.

I'm NA-T so not too familiar with the TT setup but you'll probably need to take off the hose at the intake manifold / trottle body and plug it, then do the same at the air filter(s) so that you have a (sort of) closed system. Any vacuum lines you can see, you'll need to plug those as well and then pressurise the system. Listen/look for leaks and if you can't find anything, try spray some soapy water around suspicious areas to see if it bubbles. That should cover the majority of your intake system, any remaining bits that weren't pressurised you will have to do individually.

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I want to test all the lines that are used to the turbo system, that should include the vacuum lines..  i have a jspec 2jzgte engine, i have thought of pressure rise from the hose the air filter is attached to..


the boost leak tester i have bought is where you use an air compressor,  it have an regulator on it, so i can control how much pressure of air i put in to the engine, there is an air pressure gauge on it too.. 

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