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After visiting Japan in 1994 and having the experience of driving a Mk 4 Supra tt I had always wanted to have one myself. As I live in Australia Toyota never sold them here. They stopped selling Supra's with the end of the Mk 3 in 1992. As in the UK lots of Supras have been imported from Japan. When I finally made the decision to buy my own Supra I searched the auctions in Japan for the exact model I wanted. After 12 months of searching (and being the loosing bidder) I finally bought a white 2000 SZ R 6 speed manual with 118 K on the odometer auction grade 4. After importing it to Australia and having the compliance all attended to I began the long business of restoring it to stock as it left the factory condition. Fortunately I have a great parts supplier here in Sydney NSW Australia who can get most parts, after 2 years it's finished.

I look forward to reading posts by members from the UK  

2 White Supra JUne 2022.jpg

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