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7 minutes ago, Dnk said:

Yes duty and vat get the biggest slice, time that changed and they get the cash from other sources but hitting the motorist is a cash cow.

Where will they go when we are all electric ??? 

At the next rise i bet electric will be over 60p KWH. It will be to expensive for them also at this point

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1 hour ago, mc92 said:

When electric cars become the majority they will probably tax them based on miles driven so it'll work out to the same amount of revenue as petrol cars in the end.

We'll have so many bicycle lanes, reduced speed limits and a social credit/universal basic income system by then, most of us will probably be back on a push bike. 😅

Smart meters and other green policies will line their pockets. 

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On 8/26/2022 at 12:11 AM, Dieter said:

hello, it's just abnormal how they play with the price and pocket the huge profits..... fie, bäääh

 Trouble is its the Government taking more than anyone else looking at the figures 

Dropped another 2p a litre by me for Super but still £7.84 

I was quoted £85 for a 20 mile taxi trip a couple of days ago 😳

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6 hours ago, Dnk said:

Still dropping by me at the moment but guess that will change pretty soon with OPEC cutting production

from $80 - $93 since the start of Oct 

Not just the OPEC+ thing, good-mate.

The collective west has got the added challenge of not being able to receive sufficient volumes of processed oils and fuels; diesel could well become a particular issue this year since the EU sanctioned the vast supply of processing fuels from Russia (which would be fine if the EU had any way or replacing the vast losses over the next few years).

China is coming back on-tap too so expect a run on the fuel commodities market as traders attempt to make a killing on 'high demand' products 

The $ v £ exchange rate will also be a challenge to UK purchasers and we could see a slight increase after the US Fed increases its base rate in 3-weeks 

Not to worry though as 2022 should in theory be better than what's to come in 2023 when the market is thrown into turmoil due to the oil & gas supplies being traded more heavily towards the global east & south.

All good news; well, not really 🙂

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There has been reports of a shortage of diesel in the system so expect big rises in that fuel some time soon.

USA is down to 3 weeks diesel supply, here is probably a little higher but UK diesel storage figures were last available in 2019 when they were 10 weeks supply. Diesel is the one fuel forecast to head for the hills in the coming weeks from its current UK average of 1.90/l. Its making my and anyone else's bulk storage option look a sound and improving investment by the day.


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On 10/31/2022 at 6:12 PM, rider said:

There has been reports of a shortage of diesel in the system so expect big rises in that fuel some time soon.


Good point indeed 😉

It's not many days now until the EU intentionally cuts itself off from the vast pan-Russian diesel supply chain; the likes of which has been in situ for many years.......and where  the Europeans have enjoyed such low fuel costs, cheap heating supplies and expanding EU business models for over three decades.

I've never seen such a self inflicted disaster being implemented on this huge scale before so it will be interesting to see if the whole European diesel supply market collapses.

This will turn out to be a very grim winter for some.


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1 hour ago, Style said:

Can see so many unsold diesel cars just being scrapped at the rate these fuel prices are going. It's just not financially viable for anyone over a petrol or EV.

Electricity cost over here has meant that public charger cost is now very close to the fuel costs here, petrol still the best currently it seems. 🤔

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