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Stolen: Watch Out for Chris's MKIV - Stolen Last night.


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Watch Out for Chris's MKIV  - Stolen Last night.

Just Sharing this - I'm not sure if the owner is on here, if so, admins please feel free to delete this whole thread:

Here's his FB post/profile for more details, or if its spotted:


282276398_485319236702021_2744344243069693480_n (1).jpg




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  • Simon_RD changed the title to Stolen: Watch Out for Chris's MKIV - Stolen Last night.
1 hour ago, Big Supes said:

There's some complete scumbags out there. I feel for the owner. I hope he gets it back in the same condition of finds a worthy replacement. 

Where about was it stolen from? I can't view the Facebook links. 


1 hour ago, ignored said:

FB says Manchester area.

With Supras being worth £100,000 in bits I cannot imagine it'll be seen again in one piece.

Correct -  north Manchester (Middleton).

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Be careful guys

they are worth a lot now and not all owners have decent alarms or trackers fitted

i know mine is 14 years old and when it goes back together it will be getting the latest fitted

one that you can shut the car down by an app

so even if they took the keys you can at least stop it in its tracks

hope owner is fully insured

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i don't know if that's good news or not.

If my car was taken I'd probably prefer it stayed taken. I doubt its been found with the keys and they know where he lives. I doubt its adhered to all the speed limits while its been away. Any valuables will have been taken and they won't be worth placing an insurance claim against. i wonder if it was found by the police, I doubt that to. When I had a stolen recovered car it was only 'found' by the police because a resident complained about where it was parked. How I wish it had stayed taken, changing locks is expensive on a car.

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1 hour ago, Big Supes said:

Good news. Great to hear it's undamaged. 

Personally, I'd scrutinise the car and if there was any signs of damage or potential damage I'd claim and use it as an excuse to refresh the engine, maybe go forged.

so you're saying if i leave my car in a dodgy error i can get a forged engine out of it 🤔

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