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3 years away, looking to buy


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Hi everyone, been away from forum since  selling my 6no supra tt for a house purchase....

Currently have a 300zx TT and looking for a supra to go along side it.


I have a budget about 40k..more if it really interests me

Must be well maintained and cared for

going by todays values and ive been out the loop for a while I'm unsure if that's a healthy budget for a tt6


I'm unable to post on some of the sections on here,unsure why?

Anyway if anyone knows something that might fit the bill please let me know


Thanks all


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There is a 6sp converted GE on eBay for £32k. I'd recon for £40k it is probably down to how much of a purist you are as original TT6's are few and far between in the classifieds and I haven't seen one for that price for a while now unless its a teaser ad from a well known Southern trader. More seem to be hitting classic car auctions these days than classifieds. Trawling and monitoring the auction sites like silverstone and brightwell could turn up something.

Its not a particularly good time for anyone swapping a desirable assets for cash with rising inflation that we are witnessing eroding cash value pretty quickly. That should persuade most people to hold onto their assets unless its a forced or deceased estate sale with the latter an increasing source pool that will commonly head the auction route to sale.

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