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Old TT parts.


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As I do not own a Supra anymore I have no need for these parts. If they are of any use to anyone and you feel like putting a little money in my drinks box let me know.

Any questions, ask away.


....I also have an original dual din stereo, if anyone wants to buy it.
















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Air piping is sold. Added radio. Removed idler pulley (it was from a Jaguar X-Type. Lol.) (see edit history)
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On 5/1/2022 at 8:00 AM, Swampy442 said:

Providing the indicators are in good condition Ill have those please


Yes they're in good condition, light stone chipping, but you have to be right close and looking for it to see it.

Added a pic to first post.

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Some reason it said posted... (see edit history)
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