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Canvas soft top cleaning


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Any tips, mine looks like its got some really ground in dirt on it.

First clean I used Turtle Wax soft top cleaning spray which I had in the garage, It shifted a lot of mold out the canvas, it was Olive green before I rinsed it off. 

This time I've gone with Autosmart TFR and it now looks like this before rinsing

It's started to dry and still looks as bad as when I started  

I guess it could be a case of repeat till clean unless any of you know better 




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16 hours ago, jim_supra said:

I watch a lot of this guys videos, many hours wasted watching cars get cleaned!!

Watched this the other day.

I think my roof must have something on it that's a tad more difficult to clean.

Going to keep at it and see where i get it too.

A local valeter/detailer wants £120-£150 just to do the roof 


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All done and looks good for 18 yrs old

Personally think the canvas roof kits you can buy are a waste of money.

Certainly no where near enough to clean it and then water proof it 

I used 2 litres of Fabsil to coat the roof twice. 

First photo is the third clean, second photo is the fourth clean and much better now, third photo is the first coat of Fabsil applied, fourth and fifth photo is second coat of Fabsil, last photo water nicely beading and running off   







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