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Hello my friend, this is newly painted, not printed and I paid 200 euros for it, but I had to remove the soft varnish myself, please do not sand it, under any circumstances, also do not use acetone, Bref oven spray and wash under warm water with a light brush after spraying.


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no, it's easy if you know how, open the ashtray, pull it out in this position, if automatic, then move the selector lever to the middle position, pull out the trim, it's clicked, unscrew the upper part where the ODO meter is, pull out the plugs on the left and right, Unscrew the things screwed to this element: radio, air-conditioning control unit, cigarette lighter and everything else, ventilation nozzles are easy to remove, remove the left element in exactly the same way and remove the trim (the glasses) in the middle. ......, never use sandpaper, thinner or acetone! ! !

and do not pull too hard on the elements, otherwise you will tear the clips off, I have also tested other oven sprays, but this one was the best and you can use another one

Bref Ba.png

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