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Alternator removal on Auto TT


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After much reading on this, I find myself 2 hours into a supposed 30 min job (some forums have even suggested 20 minutes) and still don’t have the alternator out of the car.

the fan shroud doesn’t seem to be as described in other posts and is an all in one unit with a secondary mini fan integrated into it and what looks like a load of 10mm nuts at the bottom holding it in place. I have managed to remove the viscous fan (after removing the top radiator hose) and I hope that will be sufficient.

next issue is I can’t for the life of me find the lower bolt/nut by feeling with my fingers and it seems there are additional oil cooler pipes which I’ve not seen mentioned in any other thread I’ve read. 

I’m also stumped as to how to remove the plastic electrical connector on the back of the alternator. I’m concerned that I may break it and there’s no obvious clip or method to remove it. I’ve removed the 12mm nut and wiring loom attachment clip etc. 

any suggestions most welcome???



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There is a removable section of the fan shroud at the bottom which once removed you can remove without removing the rad/fans

Thats if you don't have an aftermarket shroud.

Whilst you don't need to remove any of that (if working from underneath) i almost always remove the radiator etc when working on the front of the engine, just makes it so much easier.

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I think the cooler pipes are just attached to the alternator with a single 10mm bolt and just removing this gives enough room to get it out (it might be important to access the other bolt I can't remember).

The connector has I think the usual pinch at the top and lift off but the lift is tight and I normally use a stubby flat screw driver to lever the bottom of the outer casing from the base ie encourage it up as you pinch (I'm sure it's pinch but some connectors have a lever out tab just in case) 

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Thanks guys. I managed to get a bit of video on my phone and I think Scooter is right. Looks like a bracket holding the oil cooler pipes which hopefully drop down clear when I undo the nut. Thanks for the tip on the connector.

Unfortunately jacking it up and getting underneath is not an easy option where it is currently parked, so hopefully can do it from above.

Will have another attempt when it’s next dry.

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Posted (edited)

Alternator is out. Connector was fiddly and needed the flat screwdriver trick. 10mm bolt needed to be loosened off and the alternator then rotates free of the cooler pipes. I have noticed white gunk/chalk in the connectors on the car and the alternator. Is this dielectric grease?

Am thinking of getting an SRD 170amp standard. Anyone got any experience? Does it come with the right size pulley and uses the same size serpentine belt? My belt looks worn so going to buy a new one.

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New alternator arrived and today was first chance to try and fit it.

can anyone tell me whether the oily pipe which seems to come from the bottom of the water pump needs to connect anywhere, as it’s just hanging there? Is it an overflow pipe?



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Thats quite the oil leak you have there. I'd check the state of your camshaft seals, front main seal and valve cover gaskets, they will most likely be leaking. 

That hose does not connect to anything, its job is to divert coolant away from the alternator in case the water pump seal fails. Just put the pipe off to the side of the alternator whilst installing. 


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