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Mr2 rev 3 turbo wide body kitted


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As per my supra. Land and office to buy so selling the cars. 

16k with bss lm wheels

14k with the rotors. 

Hi welcome to the listing of my TRD widebody Rev 3 Turbo.


Great condition. body kit fits well, everyone tells me its an amazing looking car I personally love it, however I have bigger plans going forward explained below.


originally red, the car prior to the body kit was immaculate, genuine Rev 3 turbo, circa 75k miles.


engine bay has been refreshed, chrome lid with dual fans.


wheels are genuine BBS lm, Supra fitment extremely rare and costly, however these do fit on the mr2. as you can see. wheel alone would be circa 2k if you can find a set. 10inch rears, 9inch fronts 18inch, recently refurbished.

second wheel option is I believe rotas, see photos for comparison.


unique TRD end caps on the spoiler.

un marked interior, no boost gauges, or holes.

Ecu has a piggyback, not sure what it is but I believe it adds a little performance. will investigate later, car is in locked heated storage.

brand new BC coilovers.


colour wise is slightly off red in the shade some sort of gold effect, this really stands out in the sun light.


I have owned it for less then 6months, ive probably done 400miles since. my supra has done the same in the last year. so these only get used in the dry sunny days. 


the MR2 needs nothing other than to be enjoyed.










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On 9/13/2021 at 8:40 PM, Swampy442 said:

Also, no price as above 🙂

If I’m reading correctly it looks like 2 prices depending on wheels? 

As per my supra. Land and office to buy so selling the cars. 

16k with bss lm wheels

14k with the rotors. 

though not knowing where the OP is based, that could be £, €, $, ¥ or jellybeans.

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The car has/is been in for a glass out oem red colour change from the previous owners gold effect dark red colour, couldnt match the front bumper which was repainted after the car was complete by the previous owner, so i bit the bullet, £5000 later it will be perfect. 

The bbs wheels will be staying so the original brand new rotas will be on the car unless i find something else jdm/period correct.


Ill update once this comes out of the body shop. 


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