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lowest mileage UK TT6?


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Recorded mileage on any near 30 year old car is nothing more than a random set of numbers unless its backed, comprehensively, by every MOT certificate since three years old and a service history. In Supra World that is a very rare combination.

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Provenance is essential, but I'd say for many things a low miler is still preferable.

Just for the V160 and diff alone, these only really wear from usage, and not from sitting around. 

It's far from the be all and end all, but I'd say it's a nice to have.......but hope you do use it some from now on, barely ever see one out and about these days. 

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As long as the engine is serviced most cars don't have any issues doing well over 100k. It's all the other stuff that seems to suffer. Like the interior and bushings. Bushings can be replaced of course, interior is a bit more of a struggle.


Having said that it also depends on who the previous owner was. My VW Touareg with 85k on it when I bought it had an interior that looked brand new. Compared to a bunch of lower mile cars that looked way worse.

30k though in 30 years.. that's nuts

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